Conscious Catering

Our mission is to feed people in a way that is both nourishing and inspiring. If you have a need for catering to loved ones with food sensitivities, let us help you. We customize elegant, plant based, stylish vegan or vegetarian menus specific to you or your loved ones needs. All our menus are gluten free and optionally dairy free. We can omit any ingredient necessary. Our options include appetizers, soups & salads, entrees, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages and late night snacks.

We cater to boutique gatherings 10-100 people, weddings, dinner parties, retreats & workshops, personal, educational, cultural, corporate and non-profit events. We also provide nourishing appetizers, treats and food for small gatherings. We are a nationally recognized ServSafe Manager Certified operation.

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What we serve

Seasonal fruits & vegetables, honey, maple syrup, sea vegetables, eggs & cheeses (optional for non-vegan events)

Fruits, vegetables, dried goods, spices, oils & dairy

Gluten Free
Including all breads, crackers, starches and desserts. We share a kitchen with chefs that may cook with gluten products so we cannot guarantee our food to be 100% gluten free

Vegetarian (lacto-ovo, vegan or raw options)
Beans, whole grains, sprouts, avocados, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, eggs & cheese

Whole food cuisine
The foundation of what we serve is whole foods.  This includes whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables and whatever else we can source unrefined. We do not use processed food in any of our recipes.

Optional Nut Free
Upon request we can be nut free, but since we share a kitchen with other chefs we cannot guarantee our food to be 100% nut free.

Quality is our priority.  We do our best to source all of our ingredients locally and/or organic before we choose anything else and when we can, we make it from scratch (or find someone nearby who does!).  Our mission is to support the health of whomever we feed and make the least impact on our environment while doing so.

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Where we work

We are a mobile kitchen! This means that we often prepare our meals on-site for multiple meals (or days) and can do so in a variety of locations across the state.  We have worked out of kitchens in community centers, retreat/campground facilities and people’s homes.  We also have the option to prepare food in commercial kitchens and bring on site for final presentation.


Cost vary depending on menu, number of people and service but on average our price for:

Breakfast: $15/person
Lunch: $18/person
Dinner: $22/person

The prices vary based on the details of our services.  We offer both all day/multi-day catering as well as the occasional single meal service.  Please inquire for a full quote. See below for more details.

All day catering

Perfect for retreats and wellness events. We require a minimum of 2 meals (for ex. lunch & dinner) and 10 people. 

Our all day catering service includes:

  • Buffet or plate service of meals & snacks
  • Coffee/tea is included with breakfast & snacks
  • Clean-up & maintenance of dishware/cups etc.

Depending on the event and location, an additional fee may be needed for delivery and rental gear.

For special events like a wedding or birthday, or an office lunch.  For single meals we require a minimum 10 people (max. 50) and pricing varies depending on location and details.

For the most accurate pricing information – please contact us

Sample seasonal menus

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad with berries, homemade granola with homemade yogurt, fresh almond milk, breakfast tacos with corn tortillas, fresh salsa and fresh guacamole, green juice
Lunch: Hearty vegetable soup, mixed green salad with strawberries, almonds and optional feta and homegrown sprouts, mushroom spinach frittata (egg or vegan) cherry pecan cookie
Dinner:  Minted pea soup with cashew cream, dressed mixed greed salad, Spring vegetable ragout, rosemary dumplings, blueberry cake

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad with peaches & yogurt, granola, almond milk, sweet corn tofu frittata with tomato compote, green juice
Lunch: gazpacho, mixed greens, creamy polenta with hearty and saucy ratatouille, strawberry rose kanten
Dinner: Stuffed portabella mushrooms with quinoa, kale and optional goat cheese with mashed potato/cauliflower + spring pea sauce, steamed vegetables, mixed green salad, fresh peach tart

Breakfast: Stewed apples and pears, whole grain oats, yogurt & fresh almond milk, blood orange scone, vegetable hash with fresh avocado, optional egg, green juice
Lunch: Carrot ginger soup or roasted cauliflower vegetable bisque, brown rice with sesame onion sauce, vegetable saute with either tofu or chicken. double chocolate chip and nut butter cookie (optional nut free)
Dinner: Mixed greens, saucy vegan lasagna, steamed green beans, maple apple crisp with walnut topping

Breakfast: stewed apple/rhubarb, whole grain oats + toppings, yogurt, fresh almond milk, savory crepes, green juice
Lunch: Mixed greens, African peanut stew with dumplings and brown rice, lemon bars
Dinner: Heirloom bean bourguignon and celery root mash, steamed vegetables, mixed green salad with citrus vinaigrette, almond cake with fresh fruit topping

Menus change seasonally. Most catering menus are custom made for your specific event and needs. Contact us for menus and pricing.