Wellness Cooking

Wellness Cooking


Personal Chef 
My services are designed for individuals and families who are healing from illness or disease, working with compromised immune system, or other health issues.  My culinary education and experience have given me a deep understanding of the healing qualities of food on our bodies. I work either one on one with my clients or with the guidance of your doctor or dietitian. My healing meals include nutrient-rich ingredients that are balanced, easy to digest and incorporate vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that enable restoration within the body. Due to current the coronovirus I prepare foods offsite and available for delivery or pick-up.



Please contact me for a 30-60 minute free consultation. Below are optional meal plans. We customize to fit your needs and budget

Dinner for four people: $100
Includes: Soup, salad, main course
*dessert and appetizers available as add on

A al carte meals, two servings $12-$24
When you need a nutritious meals prepped and ready for pick up or delivery. Accommodating specific dietary needs based on consultation

Healing soups and stews (two individual servings): $24
Provide 2 quarts of healing soups, broths or stews, (depending on your tolerance) gluten free bread and condiments. Add on includes additional grains 

Full service personal chef for healing from accidents or disease, per person: $100 per day.
Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accommodating specific dietary needs based on consultation

Food a la carte:
Probiotics Foods
For optimum gut-nutrition, add small amounts of fermented foods, rich in probiotics. My homemade yogurts, sauerkraut and fermented veggies add an elegant, easy to digest touch to every meal. $20 a quart.

Fresh Beans:
Adding a few tablespoons of my heirloom marinated beans to each meal supports heart and digestive health. They are full of protein and fiber. Add them to toast in the morning and salads at lunch, or simply just delicious on their own. I’ll offer different varieties each week. $20 a quart

Gluten Free Bread Thins:
My signature sandwich thins are always a hit! Great for sandwiches, topped with almond butter or toasted and topped with avocado $10 per pack of 12.

Homegrown sprouts to add to your salads, sandwiches or top your meals. $8 for pint of fresh sprouts (variety tbd)

Special order desserts, bars and cookies that are gluten and nut free. Dairy and egg free upon request. Perfect for school lunches! Please inquire for quote.

Payment is accepted by Paypal, Venmo, check and cash. We start with a free initial consultation to determine your needs.  We will design a program based around your specific needs. I am available by phone, at my home office or another central location. After the consult I will provide you with a full quote for the service and we will go from there.